JD.com builds China’s first carbon-neutral logistics industrial park in Xi’an

December 10, 2021

BEIJING -- JD.com expects its first carbon-neutral intelligent industrial park for China's logistics industry,  the Xi'an Asia No.1 logistics park now under construction, to be carbon-neutral on the operations level by early 2022.

At nearly 300,000 sq m, the park has deployed 100,000 sq m of rooftop solar PV with a capacity of 9MW.

This generated 8,500 MWh of electricity from January to October in 2021 -- equivalent to providing electricity for about 3,900 Chinese households for a year, and reducing carbon emissions by approximately 5,670 tons when compared to purchasing electricity from local power plants.

Xi'an Asia No.1 can also meet heating needs through distributed air conditioning instead of a conventional boiler room in certain areas. New energy is widely used in forklifts and other special equipment, including 22 sets of charging terminals that can support charging 44 vehicles at a time. Streetlights in the park will also gradually be replaced by solar lights.

With the support of advanced technologies including 5G, blockchain and AI, JD is also researching an industry solution for carbon neutral parks by further improving operating efficiency and lowering energy consumption.

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