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Morocco Corporate Payment Survey 2021: shortened delays but still widespread late payments

January 18, 2022
According to Coface's 2021 study on the payment behaviour of companies in Morocco, contractual payment terms in the country remain long, reaching an average of 79 days. However, they have improved significantly, with a shorter duration of about 14 days compared to the previous survey conducted in 2019.

Spain: wage increase agreements vs inflation

January 13, 2022
According to data published by Spain’s Ministry of Labour, 94% of workers agreed wage increases below inflation in 2021. On the one hand, this means that a large share of workers will have lost purchasing power in 2021, which will slow down the recovery of household consumption (which was still 7% below its pre-crisis level at the end of September 2021). On the other hand, it also puts a brake on the second-round effects of inflation, which is expected to moderate gradually over the course of 2022.

Chief Economist Jean-Christophe Caffet's 2022 Outlook

January 12, 2022
3 questions with Chief Economist Jean-Christophe, who presents our outlook for the global econmy.

Outlook 2022: peering through the jungle of economic news

January 7, 2022
Coface ventures perilous predictions for 2022 on the world economy and a specific focus on Germany.

Examining the euro, 20 years on

January 4, 2022
To mark the 20th anniversary of the euro’s introduction into European wallets, Coface's economic research team has examined the effects that this change has had in macroeconomic terms.

Coface launches "GlobaLiner", its new service offer designed to better meet the needs of multinational companies

December 8, 2021
GlobaLiner supports the development of multinational companies with faster contract issuance and greater control over local insurance policies.

Coface continues its work with the government to support French exporters

December 7, 2021
Coface has renewed its commitment alongside the French government to extend "CAP Francexport", the exceptional public credit insurance top-up scheme for French exporting companies.

Coface enters into a new partnership with Scope

November 16, 2021
Coface announces a new partnership with Scope, the leading European rating agency.

Appointment of Jean-Christophe Caffet as Coface Chief Economist

November 15, 2021
Coface announces the appointment of Jean-Christophe Caffet as Chief Economist, effective as of today. He reports to Thibaut Surer, Director of Strategy and Business Development of the Coface Group.

U.S.Economy: an infrastructure package to support the recovery [#ExpressEco]

November 3, 2021
In the past 18 months, the US congress authorized more than 25% of GDP in spending to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Coface achieves record net income of €67.7m in the third quarter

October 28, 2021
Turnover of first nine months: €1,158m, up +7.9% at constant FX and perimeter, and up +8.9% in Q3-2021

Barometer Q3 2021: Supply chain and inflation headwinds hamper the global recovery

October 21, 2021
As the Covid-19 situation begins to improve, notably with the implementation of vaccination campaigns, there has been a rebound in consumption, particularly in developed countries. For emerging countries, the economic recovery is benefiting export-oriented countries, but service-dependent economies are lagging behind. Read our in-depth analysis in our latest Country and Sector Risk Barometer.

#ExpressECO | Environmental risk is key to busines strategy

October 11, 2021
Coface’s Country Risk Assessment model now includes an environmental indicator. Our Economist Melina London explains how it works.

China will continue to expand its role as a main destination for Latin American exports at the expense of the U.S.

October 5, 2021
Coface observes that LatAm countries’ foreign sales growth rates are expected to exceed their domestic demand expansion. Indeed the region’s activity rebound should be lower than the global average recovery, and more specifically lower than the Chinese and U.S. recoveries. Therefore, sales to China and the U.S. should post a bright performance in 2021. In terms of significance for Latin American exports, China should continue to gain ground over the U.S.